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Wild Scenic





Solar Powered

The Sunrise Review-

Music for wild spaces.

An improvisational blend of global folk/roots music, centered on taking conscious inspiration from nature as a creative practice

The Sunrise Review combines renewable energy and sustainable practices in an ecomusical approach to the studio process, created using natural acoustics and renewable energy.


At the core are three main concepts:

Inspiration - The world is an amazing place. The Sunrise Review seeks to channel the inspiration found throughout it into music and intriguing narratives of using the world as a recording studio.

Conservation -  The activities of The Sunrise Review supports conservation of nature for the benefit of the people, conservation of energy by doing more with less and conservation of culture through art.

Sustainability - The use of renewable energy and other sustainable practices is essential to the activities of The Sunrise Review. Without them it would be incredibly difficult to undertake recording music in nature.

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